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An interview with yours truly on how I write and the background to Adventures About To Begin

Allen Therisa | 19 May 2023

What is your favourite thing about writing books?

Creating little universes (within universes) is very rewarding, partly because you never really know how they will turn out or how they relate to each other when you’re writing them. That sense of these time periods and scenes coming together as they are written is very exciting. I like to write about contrasting time periods and situations...READ MORE

Ten Surprising Things About Noah

He's the hero of Adventures About To Begin, but also something of a mystery

Adventures About To Begin is built around the relationship between siblings Noah and Kelly, as the marriage of their parents collapses and they learn to live with the consequences of their family breaking up.

At the heart of this dramatic, though equally at times comedic novel is the competitive relationship between Noah and Kelly and how this changes over the years that follow. 

Noah is the novel’s protagonist, however, and it is his perceptions (something, oftentimes inaccurate) that drive how he and his sister view the events that make their family what it is, for good and ill.

What makes Noah so interesting...READ MORE


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Adventures About To Begin is out in paperback in the UK, internationally online & as an eBook.


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