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About To Begin

Every family is a journey

A banner for the novel Adventures About To Begin.

Following the death of his grandfather, Noah’s life is thrown into chaos and opens up a repressed past which threatens everything he believes to be true.

In the course of trying to come to terms with his loss, Noah navigates a troublesome relationship with his sister, Kelly, and the two of them reflect on their turbulent childhood, when they were taken from the capital to the countryside following the breakdown of their parents’ relationship.

Set between the 1970s and the more recent past, Adventures About To Begin chronicles a collapsing marriage as experienced by its children and reflects on how memory shapes our decisions and shifts at crucial junctures.

It is also a funny, touching and quirky insight into British family life during a period of social and cultural change.

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Adventures About To Begin is out in paperback in the UK, internationally online & as an eBook.


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