The cover of the novel Adventures About To Begin by Allen Therisa.


About To Begin

Every family is a journey

Following the death of his grandfather, Noah’s life is thrown into chaos and opens up a repressed past that threatens everything he believes to be true.

In the course of trying to come to terms with his loss, Noah navigates a troublesome relationship with his sister, Kelly, and the two of them reflect on their turbulent childhood when they were taken from the capital to the countryside following the breakdown of their parent’s relationship.

Set between the 1970s and the more recent past, Adventures About To Begin chronicles a collapsing marriage as experienced by its children and reflects on how memory shapes our decisions and shifts at crucial junctures.

It is also a funny, touching and quirky insight into British family life during a period of social and cultural change.



"A very well-written, and quite emotional story about childhood, family and relationships. I was fully immersed and invested and although it’s quite a thick book (331 pages) I zipped through it in no time. I particularly liked Noah’s Cultural Appendix - a glossary at the back which will help explain the 70s to anyone who didn’t live through it. Loved this book and will look out for more from this author. A fabulous read."

Daisy Hollands (reader)

"This book grabbed me from the moment I opened it! I loved the dual timelines, I loved the setting and the family dynamic made me laugh, cry and envision parts of my own family. It touched on many sensitive subjects such as family break up, death in the family, prejudices and mental health but all were done really well I felt! Noah was a great main character and I felt a lot of empathy for him. This book was something very different for me but I really enjoyed it!"

The Book Worm Book Club (reviewer)


"The characters are very well explored and everything appeared so real as though it was actually happening in real life. This book was really well done, really liked it."

Books, Books & More Books (reviewer)


"The book reflects on how memory shapes our decisions at crucial points in our lives. I found the book funny, touching and a very enjoyable read. I highly recommend it and look forward to reading more by the author."

Emma Ashley (reader)


"This debut novel is a mixture of humorous and tragic family interactions, coming of age realisations, secrets and how these all impact on adult and family relationships."

Tea Leaves & Book Leaves (reviewer)


"The characters are interesting and likeable. The story is at a steady pace, and a touching read that will pull at your heartstrings."

Cathryn Melani (reader)

"Beautifully written, this is one of those books that leaves a lasting impression."

Rachel Sargeant (reviewer)


"I was surprised by how quick I read it. Really enjoyed it. I loved Noah's grandfather. I also liked Noah and Kelly."

Susan Wallace (reviewer)

"This is a telling story as to what life was like for a lot of children growing up in the 70's, trying to survive a broken marriage and I am sure many readers will relate to some aspects of how they were expected to behave and were also treated."

The Book Elf (reviewer)


"A wonderful debut that focuses on family and the ever changing societal expectations of what a normal family is. It's though provoking, emotionl and definitely a book that I'd recommend you read."

Stacey Hammond (reviewer)


"A terrific family saga which really resonated with me, being set in both Kent and London. The relationships are both complex and too familiar and will no doubt strike a chord with many readers."

NetGallery (reviewer)


"This is such a great read. So enjoyable I read it over a weekend. Well-rounded and credible character have honest interaction with natural and realistic pace, and they respond to each others personalities, actions and intentions."

Chas (reader)


"Noah's grandfather is splendid and comes out with some absolute corkers - I laughed so much at some of the things he said."

Bookish Sam (reviewer)


"An interesting look into how our families and the society we grow up in can shape us into who we become."

Kristel Greer (reviewer)


"This is a real touching story. A must buy must read!"

Bookread2day (reviewer)


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